Write a Guest Blog and Get Paid

*Only send your pitch during an OPEN reading period.*

January 1 – March 31: Closed
April 1 – April 30: Open
May 1 – December 31: Closed

2019 schedule will be posted in December 2018.

Posts run 450-650 words. Guest bloggers on Write Naked in 2017 received $50.00. Guest bloggers on Write Naked accepted in 2018 will receive the NEW RATE of $75.00. (If your pitch was accepted in 2017 and you are scheduled to publish in 2018, you still receive the 2017 rate.)

If you are interested in writing a blog post for Write Naked, here are the guidelines:


  1. Send a pitch during a CLOSED reading period. If you are reading this during a CLOSED reading period (see schedule above) I will not read your pitch and it will be deleted.
  2. Send more than 1 pitch before you hear back from me, follow-up or check-in just to confirm receipt. Because I personally respond to all queries, I am unable to respond to inquiries about the status of submissions. Please be patient. I may respond in 1 day or I may respond the day before the reading period closes.
  3. Send irrelevant topics. Write Naked does not publish pieces featuring: Mental illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, sports, pet care, stay-at-home parenting, blatant promotion of you/your book, offensive content.
  4. Send attachments
  5. Call me or snail mail your pitch


  1. Send a COMPLETE QUERY with NO attachments. I provide a successful sample query letter here and all of my successful query letters here. Queries must include:
    1. Your pitch (only one, please)
    2. Why you are the best person to write it (experience/credentials, links to clips)
    3. Information about your platform such as links to social media platforms, info about your newsletter, network, etc. (Please do not tell me to Google you to learn more. I won’t.)
    4. What section the post will fit in. (See list below.)
  2. Send your query to info <at> taralynnegroth <dot> com

Sections accepting posts: 

  • Interviews
    Want to connect with a literary agent? Offer to interview them here. Or interview a freelancer, author or editor. Any figure in publishing is a good interviewee to feature on Write Naked.
  • Publishing Trends
    Notice a particular genre of fiction is hot right now? Are two big publishing houses merging–how will this affect authors? Suggest a post on topics along these lines.
  • Day-in-the-Life of a Writer
    Feature a day in your life that illustrates how varied a writer’s life can be. View a sample here.
  • Writing Essentials
    Do you have insight on copyright you want to share? Did you traditionally publish and then self-publish, or did your article turn into a book? Were you called in for jury duty? Tell me.
  • Behind the Pen
    Did you self-publish and sell 5,000 copies or more of your book? Find a way to save time and bill more as a freelancer? Pitch a tip or three.

Understand I do not accept posts that appear elsewhere online. I only accept legitimate bloggers who write original content. Learn about duplicate content penalties to understand why I only partner with bloggers who respect guidelines and submit original content.