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Stats of September 2016.

Why would you be interested in advertising on Write Naked?

I started offering advertising in several forms starting in 2015. That year the site enjoyed 32,570 unique visitors and more than 57,000 page views.

Write Naked is a blog focused on the business and creative sides of writing, particularly presenting the misconceptions most people have about full-time writers and freelancers. If your product or service is suitable for this audience, read on:

  • Write Naked has more than 1,100 subscribers
  • Write Naked’s subscriber base doubled in size in 2014
  • Write Naked enjoys between 2,800-3,200 unique visits per month (4,500-5,900 views)
  • The majority of our site visitors are from the United States, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, India and Australia. Smaller percentages are from the Philippines, Philippines, Turkey, Germany, and more than 50 other countries.
  • I also share posts with 1,180+ followers on Twitter, 300+ followers on Google+, 500+ connections on LinkedIn. Plus, 250+ newsletter subscribers.
  • Optional additional coverage via two writing groups I organize in North Carolina: Asheville Writers & Triangle Writers. More than 1,200 members collectively.

Currently Write Naked offers two methods of advertising:

Paid placement. Have a book you would like to promote? A service that benefits writers? I will write a post featuring the item. Disclosure of paid placement will be included. $100.00 per post.

Sponsored content. Let’s schedule a call to discuss my forthcoming post topics. Perhaps there is a future post that you would like to sponsor. You will receive a link in the text and a 250px graphic with link within the post. $100.00

Contact me to discuss more.

Please be advised there is a screening process for advertisers and I will not accept all interested parties.