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chemex coffee maker on counter

For those who rolled out of bed extra early today, thanks for joining me for my #writingwednesday tradition of early morning writing! I hope you tried something new with the writing prompts and, if not at 5AM, then another time that worked for you.

Here’s how my morning went:

5AM-5:30AM – Brewed coffee and scrolled through literary journals on my phone.

5:30AM-6AM – Moved up to my office and wrote a golden shovel poem. So glad I finally did this!

6AM-6:30AM – Revised a 53-word story I’ve been noodling with and submitted it to Press 53’s 53-Word Story Contest.

6:30AM-7:30AM – Felt defeated because it took SO much time to find a publisher with an open submission period for short story collections. Finally found Braddock Avenue Books and followed their guidelines, which require submitting 3 stories from the collection. (I also took a very short break to roll our garbage can out to the street–the truck has come extra early recently! 😐 )

7:30AM-8AM – Took a few poems that were rejected from one journal this month and made a batch with them and a brand new poem I wrote on demand this week, then submitted them to SoFloPoJo. (Earlier this week I joined fellow poets Pamela Taylor, Bart Barker, and Chris Abbate for a virtual visit at Research Triangle Park High School. During our visit the students gave us words and we each wrote poems on demand in 2 minutes.)

Excerpts from what I submitted…

A few lines of my golden shovel:

Isn’t that what we are:
people full of secrets and fear and not
oversharing skydivers with very
certain dispositions?

Excerpt from my poem on demand:

My white dress
makes a red
rash on my wrists,
like the man
above the altar

First two lines of my 53-word story:

It happened late. We stopped at a red light and you unbuckled your seatbelt.

Please tell me how you spent your #5amwritenaked time in the comments. Did you write anything new? Submit your work? Want to share an excerpt?