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It’s just about time for the inaugural #5amwritenaked – please join me tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 5AM EST (or your own time zone). If you’d like to participate on social media, use #5amwritenaked and if you’re on Instagram tag me @taralynne0.

As promised, I put together a few writing prompts for you to use, if you like:

  1. Old postcards. If you don’t collect old postcards like I do, here’s one – and watch my writing prompt video for another one. old postcard with blue flowers
  2. Magnetic poetry. Use your own or get inspired from this phrase from my refrigerator.magnetic poetry
  3. Old photo. Find an old photo in your home or online, or use this one.black and white photo of girl on stone bridge
  4. Golden shovel. I had never heard of this poetic form until recently and I’ve been interested in writing one. Read the rules for writing a golden shovel poem. Here’s the phrase I’m going to use, which I found in Barbara Kingsolver’s story collection HOMELAND, “‘The small people are not very bright tonight,’ she would say, meaning the stars.”
  5. Last line. Open a book and go to the last line. That’s your prompt!

Literary journals you could submit to:

EVERYDAY FICTION – 1,000 words or less – ongoing submissions with 90-day response time

WATERWHEEL REVIEW – all genres – 1,602 words or less – ongoing submissions with 90-day response time

Monthly writing contests you might want to enter:

53-word story contest by Press 53 – Deadline 15th of each month

RATTLE Ekphrastic Challenge – Deadline end of each month

If you don’t usually get up this early to write, I have a few tips from my own experience:

  1. Set out everything you need for your favorite beverage the night before. I love brewing coffee before my 5AM writing time. I set out the beans, grinder, Chemex, and fill the kettle before I go to bed.
  2. Pick 1-3 priority items. Tomorrow I want to write a golden shovel so that’s where I’ll funnel my energy first.
  3. Treat yoself. Ever since my husband and I bought our house (7 years ago this month!) we go to a bakery in town every Wednesday. I love getting up early on Wednesdays because I know after my coffee and writing time I don’t need to make breakfast. Figure out what your treat is and have that waiting for you when your writing time is over.