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You may remember that every Wednesday morning I join #5amwritersclub. (Here’s a little about the official 5am Writers Club. I participate unofficially.) Wednesday is also a coffee day. Unlike many writers who drink coffee every day, I only have it a few times each week and Wednesday coffee before writing is ritualistic for me. Typically I don’t have meetings until 8AM-9AM, so I can fit in a fresh Chemex brew of black coffee and 3-4 hours of writing time.

This protected time each Wednesday helps me meet writing contest deadlines and comforts me to know I have the morning for myself each week.

How I use #writingwednesday:

  • Writing or revising poems and stories
  • Researching and submitting work to writing contests, literary journals, and magazines
  • Writing new posts here or guest posts
  • Prepping my newsletter for writers
  • Querying agents and publishers

I’d like to invite you to write with me one week from today, next Wednesday, February 10 at 5AM your time. (I’m on EST.) It will be an inaugural #5amwritenaked. Early next week I’ll post some writing prompts, literary journals, and contests to help you focus your time–but feel free to use your morning on whatever interests you. After #5amwritenaked is over, I’ll share how I used my Wednesday morning, and excerpts from any new work. You can comment on the post and share what you worked on, a few lines of your own writing, and/or what you thought of your #5amwritenaked experience.

You can also share on your preferred social media platform. I haven’t been on Facebook in years, and I’m not active on Twitter, but you can find me on Instagram @taralynne0.

More details soon–hope you can write with me!