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At the start of winter last year, I shared about my self-imposed creative week. In the days leading up to the winter solstice, I took a week-long pact of creativity. The heart of this effort stemmed from my deep dislike of the shortest day of the year and a desire to turn it into something I would look forward to.

As hinted in that post, I’m taking my own creative pact again to welcome the start of spring, the vernal equinox. This time I’m inviting you to join too!

What to expect

In the week leading up to the first day of spring, March 20, you will receive a daily email with a creative prompt. This means it may not only focus on writing, painting, or drawing—but it will also include nudges for creative thought, introspection, and rest.

What you need to do

Sign up for the spring creative pact.

I created a sign-up list exclusively for these creative weeks and it will not be used for anything else. The list will not be sold or shared.

Oh, and if you’re catching this post after the creative week started, still sign up! You can join in the last few days. And, if you’re seeing this after the start of spring, still sign up if you want to take the creative pact for the start of summer.