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One year ago I tweeted my book pitch via #PitMad. PitMad is a 12-hour Twitter pitch session that helps you get exposure for your manuscript straight to agents who are scrolling the Twitter feed. Agents will like your pitch if they want you to send them your work. This takes place three times per year, but I missed the two in between last September’s session. Mainly because I’ve been missing Twitter. Well, not missing it exactly, just not using it. 😛

I’m back on the Twitterverse for tomorrow’s PitMad session. If you’re not ready for tomorrow’s session, then mark December 5 on your calendar and try it then. Here are a few tips to get ready:

  1. Write three versions of your 280-word pitch for each book your pitching, then cycle them throughout the day. Yes, you can pitch multiple books, but you can only pitch each one three times. You could just use the same pitch three times, but I think you have a greater opportunity to play up your story and use more of their approved hashtags if you have three variations. READ the PitMad rules and be sure to tweet and use their hashtags correctly. Also, read other authors’ pitches. You’ll quickly notice the gems. Be ready to revise your pitches before you tweet to get the most out of them.
  2. Have a timing strategy. Pitching starts at 8AM EST. Some people don’t want to be the first ones to pitch because they think they’ll be buried in the feed. Others want to be first in line. Consider how you want to space your three pitches per book. Hourly and then done, every 4 hours, all in one hour?
  3. Update your profile! If an agent is intrigued by your pitch, they may look at your profile. Have key points there and links to your work.

Let me know how your pitching goes!