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While this post may not seem writing-related, it requests your writing skills. ūüôā Back to regular posts next time.

As many long-time readers know, this blog maintains a strict focus on writing (with occasional posts on donuts and bread ūüôā ). Writing is my life, but I’m also a beekeeper. I live in Pittsboro, NC where what is said to be the state’s largest planned development (Chatham Park) will change our town from about 4,000 people to approximately 55,000 over the next four decades. Recently, Chatham Park submitted a revised tree proposal, which only preserves 10% of the existing trees on their 7,000+ acres. That’s 6,300 acres of trees–gone!¬†
As you can imagine, many people are protesting to save the natural beauty of our county and wildlife habitat. NO ONE is stressing the importance of trees for bees! A few quick facts:
  • North Carolina has more beekeepers than any other state.
  • The tulip poplar is the #1 nectar source for honey bees in North Carolina.
  • Currently, a honey bee colony in Chatham County must be fed sugar syrup in times of dearth (like summer). Removing 6,300 acres of forage removes critical nutrients that bees need to raise healthy young and for their general sustenance. (As an example: I went through 80 lbs of sugar last summer feeding two of my hives.)
honey bees

Queen Anne from my first hive surrounded by nurse bees, her young, and some pollen.

You do not need to be a resident to voice your concerns. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to contact the town officials and share your thoughts on saving the trees ASAP as they will vote soon. 
Mayor¬†Cindy S. Perry –¬†cperry@pittsboronc.gov
Pamela Baldwin (Mayor Pro Tem) –¬†pittsborocommis2010@gmail.com
John Bonitz (919) 360-249 Рjbonitz@pittsboronc.gov
Michael A. Fiocco¬†(919) 542-7079 –¬†Michael@MAFiocco.com
J. A. (Jay) Farrell –¬†jfarrell@pittsboronc.gov
Bett Wilson Foley –¬†ekwfoley@gmail.com
If you’re local to my area, please consider coming to Pittsboro Town Hall (635 East Street) on Monday, February 25 at 7p to speak. If so, I will see you there.
Thank you.