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Imagine you’ve worked for years on your manuscripts and managed the cumbersome administration of query letter writing and submissions. You have an agent who you love and feel giddy waiting for your agent’s news that your book has been picked up by a publisher. What if your agent gets in touch that they are picking themselves out of the publishing business?

That’s what happened to my friend, North Carolina writer and YA author Lyn Fairchild Hawks. (You may remember Lyn from the query writing workshop we ran earlier this year.) Lyn shared her tale of agent woe in a recent blog post:

In June I wrote my friend and YA author Gordon Jack when I was in the bluest, most Anne Shirley depths of despair. “My agent is leaving the business,” I said, feeling as if I were delivering the worst and most shameful of news. Maybe it was because Gordon and I had slogged together in the querying mines many moons ago, and after many rejections, he now not only has an agent but also a two-book deal from HarperCollins. Read the rest on writer Lyn Fairchild Hawks’ blog.