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The creative process starts with a seed: the seed of an idea, concept, emotion. Businesses start the same way. When you recognize and clearly define your intentions, this can inform and motivate the rest of your future work.

Have you struggled at producing creative work? Is it challenging to define your intention, or do you have several intentions and unsure how to prioritize your driving forces?


What direction best aligns with your intentions?

Once your intentions are defined, whether in a formal vision statement or informally as an internal guide, you have a base for moving forward with, producing, and evaluating your work. These intentions can carry over into our personal lives because they contribute to our overall mindset.

When I started working on my short story collection last year, I had the intention of finishing it, but I needed to get in the right mindset for creating and maintaining new routines that would allow me to write meaningful stories.

Whenever anyone asked me about my creative process, I cringed. Maybe not physically, but internally and emotionally, I cringed. Everyone’s creative process is different and I often feel like people are seeking the silver bullet, the secret sauce, the shortcut for getting to where they need to be. It wasn’t until I co-facilitated a workshop with Traci Philips that I stopped cringing at this question.

traci philips

Guest Speaker, Traci Philips

Traci is a leadership and performance strategist. We co-hosted an aromas and creativity workshop a few years ago. At one point during Traci’s presentation, she explained that she offers multiple methods, ways, and ideas as a sort of “buffet.” She understands that everyone is unique. Our lifestyle, motivations, what connects with each of us is different for us all. Being shown one method is not the solution. Instead, Traci offers her “buffet” of options because she knows that you might not connect with everything she puts on the table, but maybe one or two concepts will be perfect for you and that’s the plate you take away.

Since I love Traci’s approach, energy, authenticity, positivity, and business acumen so much, I invited her to be one of the guest speakers at my Country Retreat for Creatives, March 8-11, in Saxapahaw, NC.

When I told her my intentions for the retreat, she responded with the perfect presentation topic: Developing a Mindset for Powerful Creation. This will not only help set the tone for the entire weekend, but also educate everyone with skills and ideas they will be able to draw on for the rest of their creative careers!

I hope you can join us! Registration closes 2/1.