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Registration is open for my 3-week Digital Marketing for Authors online class. You can attend from anywhere you can access internet. If you’re ready to take full advantage of social media and email marketing for your book marketing, this course is for you. This course is limited to 8 writers. Lessons delivered via webinar and teleconference. We will use a group forum throughout the course to discuss the lesson and open a dialogue about social media and email best practices. You may attend at your leisure. Week 1: Social Media Platforms. Week 2: Social Media Optimal Use. Week 3: Email Marketing. Class runs 10/16-11/5 – $55Event registration here.

social media marketing

Social media for writers.

Writers have been asking me a lot about social media these past few months. I’ve decided to gather the most popular posts on the topic and highlight them! You might have missed the posts, but even if you did read them when they were published, they’re full of reminders we can all use:

  1. 3 Social Media Myths Some Authors Believe – Some authors think they’re doing great without social media, so why bother? I explore this myth, among others. Real life myth-buster: If I hadn’t (finally) joined Twitter, I wouldn’t have been found as a source for an article in Fast Company.
  2. Social Media Tips for Authors Pre-Book Release – I take one of the myths from above (waiting until you have a book to start being active on social media) and show how you can spread awareness for your book before it’s published.
  3. Social Media for Mystery Authors – This one takes the mystery out of social media demographics analysis.

Enjoy this look back and, of course, share on your favorite social media. 🙂 #writenaked