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We are getting close! My next book’s early release is just a few weeks away.  I am finalizing the book cover design this week, and I’d like your help. The cover design process has been extremely valuable because I’ve made it open to the public. I shared three renderings of possible book cover designs earlier this month with my newsletter subscribers, then my writing groups, and then on LinkedIn and Twitter. Here are the original designs:

book cover designs

Original cover design renderings.

The cover on the left was widely selected over the other two – and the ‘losers’ basically tied for 2nd place.

While I didn’t include a field for extra comments on my initial survey, many people commented on social media and kindly took the time to email me their thoughts. The original title was All My Magazine Queries That Worked: A Guide for Freelance Journalists. Several people shared sentiments for removing “all my.” When telling people about the book and speaking at events, I noticed that the book isn’t just for anyone interested in journalism. Small business owners, professionals, and authors can benefit from writing for magazines too. That prompted me to refine the subtitle in the final options below.

Now I have three variations of the publicly-selected cover design that will be judged only by Write Naked subscribers and visitors. To make your selection, visit the survey link here by midnight on May 1, 2017. Here are your choices:

book covers

Help Choose the Final Design!

I will share the results soon, along with the book teaser video!

Reminder: If you’d like to hear my presentation on Why Authors Need Bylines in Magazines, I’m speaking at A Day for Writers this Saturday, May 6th in Sylva, North Carolina. Walk-in attendance is available, but it is helpful to the conference organizers to know in advance if you will be there as lunch is included for all. If you go, let’s have lunch there!

PLUS, everyone who attends the conference gets a first-edition-fancy-shmancy Write Naked tote:

write naked tote bag

First-ever Write Naked totes are swag at a writers conference next weekend!