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Writers, please tell me I’m not alone in my emotional connection to my computer. Whenever it’s ‘time’ to upgrade to a new computer, I hesitate. This device is my connection to everything related to writing – I’m nearly never without it! (My trip to Italy in 2014 was the first time I had been away from my computer since 2012 when I went on my volunteer vacation in Maine.)

Upgrading to a new computer makes me nervous. I worry about downtime in between setting up the software I need and transferring files. I don’t mention it too often here, but where we live out “in the country” – we’re on DSL. Yes, DSL! As an example, with my new computer, it took nearly 8 hours for me to download Microsoft Office. Although I bought my computer in early January, I owned it for more than a week before I made time to turn it on and start the setup and transfer process because I knew there would be a long transition.

I’ve mentioned my previous computer before in my Computer Behind the Freelancer post. It was my favorite laptop I had ever owned – the Lenovo Ultrabook. It still works fine, but it’s four years old and takes close to 10 minutes to start. I was due for a new model.

lenovo yoga

We went to your run-of-the-mill big box electronic stores to test out different models. Friends and family all tell me I should switch to Mac, but I just don’t feel it. After test-typing on all the laptops that caught my eye in the stores, I settled on Lenovo again: The Lenovo Yoga 710.

This is basically the newer version of my last laptop. Like most modernlaptops, the screen can fold back and the computer can act in tablet mode. My love picked out all new cables for me, so it hooks up with my projector for conferences/classes, and with my desktop screen for everyday use. I’m already feeling attached to it.

However, I’m still attached to my old laptop. What do you do with old computers? Wipe them clean and donate them? Hold on to them indefinitely?