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writing retreat

A sketch, story, and poetry from the retreat.

Around the beginning of the summer I shared a re-cap of a writing and artist retreat that I co-hosted. Having an environment that offered opportunity to sketch and draw prompted a new interest for me. Since then I wanted to spend some time getting into drawing, but I never found myself making the time to get to an art supplies store. When I was in your traditional large retailer (one I loathe going to), I couldn’t find the type of drawing tools I expected. Then, Barbara (of WildesArt who I co-hosted the retreat with) suggested that I just order drawing supplies from Amazon.

Duh! #lightbulbmoment

Fortunately, my new supplies arrived on a Saturday morning–one when my love was out of town–so I spent most of the day following self-guided exercises in a drawing book that I bought during my staycation.

Drawing Supplies

Since then I’ve been drawing nearly every day. I’ve started a new morning routine that involves writing and/or sketching while I have breakfast on the porch. It’s a nice cool down after my workout, and I don’t feel guilty about missing time for my own writing when I spend the day writing for others.


Plus, drawing has opened up different ideas for poems and stories. At some point I’d like to illustrate my own book – but not anytime soon!

drawing exercise

Practicing details.

Through serendipity, blogger Erica Wall of Rubber Ducky Copywriter had a post last week about how she uses five-minute free writing and sketching to birth new ideas. I’m not alone in straddling this writing/drawing borderline!