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bill burr

Photo Credit: Koury Angelo

My latest piece for INDY Week is an interview with stand-up comedian Bill Burr. You may know him from his times on the radio show “Opie & Anthony,” his recurring role on “Breaking Bad,” his uber-popular Monday Morning Podcast, his Netflix original animated series “F is For Family,” or, simply, his stand-up.

Burr comes to Durham, North Carolina this week for a 3-night run at the Carolina Theatre. Opening night is tonight – and I battled the ticket bots last month to get tickets for this show! I am a long-time fan of his podcast – I look forward to it every Monday and Thursday and listen and laugh during my workouts. (I’m up to a 7-mile run!)

You can click the INDY logo below or the following link to read the article: “F is For Family Creator Bill Burr Makes His Dreams Come True.” Read on for the ‘behind the pen’ scoop on this article:

  • Long-time Write Naked readers may remember that one of my ‘writer secrets‘ is that I use my walk-in closet for important client calls and subject interviews. Back when I lived in apartments it was the quietest and furthest place from my (unpredictably loud barker of a) dog. While Ramsay barked more frequently in apartment days with cars and neighbors coming and going, now that we have a house in a rural county he doesn’t bark as often. However, we get deliveries, more solicitations than I’d ever expect, and our postal rep is often kind enough to deliver our mail straight to our porch – and all of these things make Ramsay BARK. While my closet is not entirely soundproof form his barks, it’s the best possible spot. My interview with Burr was at 10AM – prime mail delivery time in our neck o’ the woods – so I took an extra precaution and set Ramsay up with a peanut butter treat and the first season of Bob Ross. It worked!
  • My original rough draft of the article was 2,538 words. The final piece is just over 1,000 words. #editinghurts
  • In a strange twist of events, I declined an offer to interview Ira Glass and instead asked to interview Bill Burr. It wasn’t possible at the time, but about a week later I got the Burr interview invite!

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