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While navigating here-and-there throughout North Carolina and the many facets of my freelance life this week, I realized two things: One, my week would open a good window on my current projects. Two, it’s been a while since I’ve featured a day-in-the-life post!

Here’s how my week panned out:

beef burger greensboro

The owner of Beef-Burger wins the lottery a lot. Like, he just won twice this year.

AM – Ran 5 miles. Overeasy eggs and a banana. Researched and selected four blog post topics to write this week for a financial client. Wrote a post and edited another post for a legal client. Took one of my books out of print.
PM – Met a journalist in Greensboro for lunch. We went to a real dive, Beef-Burger. She lives in the area and had never been. Some dives have great food. This place did not. After lunch I took her to my friend’s 3D printing company. Since she writes about local places and travel I thought it would be a good business for her to learn about, plus his parents will be sailing around the world soon.
EVE – Revise some content for a security client. Add a blog post for legal client. Prep dinner for my poet friend: Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and homemade ice cream.

AM – Scramble eggs and sausage. Revise the balance of the content for a security client. Review financial client’s site analytics. Get approval on a new (food-related!) client’s review of my content drafts. My new Aeropress arrives!
PM – Cardio workout and weights. Pick up three checks at the post office. Treat myself to a late lunch at La Farm Bakery, a few thrift finds at a consignment store, then deposit checks at bank. Spend rest of the afternoon at a library in Cary writing newsletters for one client and revising blog posts for another. Prepare a proposal for a resume prospect.
EVE – Skip dinner. Don’t have to leave the library because I host a free seminar there. Everyone who attends shares what they knew about a literary journal. This collaborative session is great and gets myself and everyone present connected with journals much faster than searching solo.


Coffee beans roasted by our friend!

AMDoughnut day breakfast! (I have half a doughnut.) Takes two tries to successfully use the new Aeropress, but now I’ve got a good hold on it. Use coffee beans our friend roasted himself! Write new blog posts for legal client, revise outdated web content. Get voicemail from someone interested in joining Triangle Writers, call him back and invite him to future events.
PM – Receive signed contract from resume client. No time for workout. Make breakfast scramble for lunch. Clean chicken coop. Give Ramsay a doggie bath. Revise more content for legal client. Have call with client about revising a bio. Meet with the force behind the local wild edibles events and consult with her about the book she plans to publish on North Carolina wild edibles. Since we meet at our local grocer/cafe I grab some groceries after our meeting.
EVE – Make dinner at home. Sausage and veggies. My love is busy machining parts for remote control cars. I watch “Mad Men” (my second time re-watching the series) while outlining posts for a client.

guitar donation

Donated this guitar.

AM – Oatmeal for breakfast. Write and revise web content for legal client.
PM – Cardio workout. Smoothie for lunch. Take a spare guitar and donate it to Girls Rock NC, a music camp/organization empowering young girls in the arts.Visit grocery store to stock up on a feast for the holiday weekend and our house guests.

EVE – Receive project payment for new resume client. Make salmon and veggies. Have tea and cookies with my love, laptops in our laps: I watch “Mad Men” and edit my own website and my love designs a new part for a Miata.

writers diet

Summer yums!

AM – Scramble eggs, sausage, kiwi, and leftover roasted potatoes. Revise and edit web content and blog posts for financial client. Learn our house guests are now arriving at 1PM and not 6PM. Egads!
PM – Cut my workout short since guests are arriving soon. Skip a real lunch and rely on a can of tuna. Write and edit posts for legal client for two hours, then learn our guests have been detained in Virginia traffic and won’t arrive for two more hours–back on my original schedule! Continue writing new posts for same client.
EVE – Our guests arrive! Computer power off. I have a spread of North Carolina cheeses and wine. It’s pasta night: Meatball parmigiana. Dessert: Watch the summer sunset over cornfields at Maple View Farms while eating ice cream.

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!