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It’s important to me personally to support non-profits, organizations, and efforts that I feel help better the world. The number of groups out there to choose from is a bit overwhelming. I feel I want to give to all. I’d donated here and there before freelancing, but once I started freelance writing I decided that I would donate to a new group each time I acquired a new client. This became quite cumbersome as I average about 20 clients annually, including my handful of anchors.

Not only was it an extra administrative hassle to track and record my donations as they occurred and throughout the year, but it became an annual time suck when I had to enter each charity in Turbo Tax. I decided to end the lengthy process and instead pick one charity each quarter to support and send them a larger donation. I also give a bit more depending on how many referrals I receive. I also notify referring parties that they’ve helped support the respective organization, and occasionally I’ll update my email signature with the details too.

I have a short sample list of some of the charities I’ve supported over the years.

Today I’m starting a new (somewhat quarterly) series showcasing the organizations I donate to, how I came to learn about them, and what they do. Since Q1 and Q2 are now over, I’ll kick off this series with my Q1 charity: Paws4Ever.

charity donation

Organization: Paws4Ever

Location: Mebane, North Carolina

What they do: Provide a no-kill shelter and adoption services for dogs and cats.

501(c)(3): Yes.

Funding: Supported solely on donations as per their website.

How I learned about them: My love and I were on the Hillsborough Candlelight Home Tour last winter and Paws4Ever was stationed at one of the homes. They had an adorable black German shepherd that we immediately clicked with. She reminded us a lot of our dog Ramsay and we both felt drawn to her. We met her on a Sunday and the adoption facility was closed Monday and Tuesday…so when I called Wednesday and learned she was still available, my love left work early and we drove up to Mebane with our checkbook to spend some time with her and make a decision.

When we arrived I was blown away by the quality of the center. I’ve been to a few different shelters over the years and some are pretty sad. This was a happy place. Unfortunately, when we got to the welcome desk we learned that the dog we wanted had been adopted already.

Since we weren’t looking to adopt just any dog and had felt a real connection with the one we were there to see (and I had already looked over the website and didn’t see one that would be a good fit for us), we opted to leave and keep an eye on their website.

Although our experience was disappointing, I was really impressed with their facility and how they run their adoption events, so I donated what we would have spent (and a bit more) on adopting the dog. If you’re a dog lover, it’s tough not to empty your wallet!

Interested in supporting Paws4Ever? Here’s how you can donate. You can also visit their special donation section where you can pick exactly how you want your money to be spent.

What organizations do you support?