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Here is another in the unofficial ‘Ask Write Naked’ Q&A series. You’re welcome to email me questions (be patient with a response) and I’m glad to answer them. Here is one I received recently after speaking at a conference:

Adding my gratitude to that of others. Much appreciation for your wonderful and informative presentation!

I chatted briefly with you about my long-running blog feature and we discussed the possibility of me podcasting some of those entries. What suggestions do you have for where to look for sponsors for my blog or the podcast?


My response:

Thanks for contacting me. Yes, there are several ways you could spin a podcast off of a blog post. For one, if there is a person mentioned or quoted in the post, conduct a short audio interview with them. Two, you could go into more detail on a complementing topic on a podcast. You also could simply read the post verbatim so that it’s accessible to podcast listeners. Depending on your goals, it might help to shift your focus on developing podcast episodes and letting blog posts spur off of that.

Regarding blog/podcast sponsors – I’ve been slowly and non-aggressively spreading awareness (social media and my newsletters) about my blog promotion options for just over a year and I am just starting to see interest. From speaking with other bloggers who have established recurring sponsors, they agree it was a struggle to get it going at first and that it takes a few gratis sponsors to help spread visibility. They also suggest directly contacting and targeting ideal sponsors. I created a short promo piece that lists all of the benefits (traffic, engagement, social media following, etc.) so that sponsors can see the overall value available. From my discussions with podcasters, they use podcast sponsor services (simple Internet search will show you some) – companies that represent brands/sponsors and match them with ideal podcast audiences. The challenge most podcasters face is that they can see how many subscribers they have and how many plays/listens, but they have no way of tracking demographics of their audience. It is really important to have a podcast with a specific niche so that it’s not a gamble for sponsors trying to reach their target market.

Hope this helps in your early research for launching a podcast. Happy to grab coffee sometime and brainstorm further. 🙂