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guest bloggersI am excited to start open/closed pitch reading periods in 2016. Just a reminder that the first open pitch period of 2016 starts two weeks from today!

What are the two biggest mistakes people are making?

Sending attachments. I do not open attachments. In the past I have responded and reminded people of this–even though it is clearly stated in the guidelines–however, in the future I will simply delete your pitch.

Sending pitches during closed periods. I received several queries this month and people started their email with, “I know your pitch reading is closed right now so you probably won’t need to read this for awhile…” I responded to you and reminded you the closed period is called that for a reason. This is the first break I’ve had from the super overwhelming influx of queries I get buried in.

Both of these mistakes tell me that people are not reading the guidelines. However, many people are reading the guidelines–so many in fact that I am full of guest bloggers through the summer of 2016. So keep in mind if you pitch me in the coming months, the earliest you might get a spot as a guest contributor is the fall of 2016.

Two pieces of advice to help increase your chances of acceptance?

  1. Read the guidelines. Please.
  2. Be active on social media. I’d love to see some pitches from individuals with significant Twitter followers.

Happy pitching!