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ekphrastic poetry

Although last-minute plan interruptions prevented me from attending the event, Craven Arts Council and Gallery in New Bern, North Carolina held a reception for the poets and artists included in a new anthology. The gallery coordinated an Ekphrastic Poetry Contest using the space’s artwork. Since I have used prompts to pen verse in less time through Poetry on Demand, I decided to view the artworks online and write a poem.

The poem I submitted was inspired by a painting “Fast Food Momma” by Tony Lazorko. Since I am unsure about copyright of the digital image, I provide a link to the painting gallery here. I’m not certain how long the images will be displayed; for now, it is the 9th painting from the bottom of the first column. A direct link to the painting is unavailable. In case it is inaccessible, the paining is mostly blue and of a woman with braids carrying several McDonald’s food bags and drinks, there is McDonald’s litter on the ground, and the background is full of vehicles with brake lights that match the color of the McDonald’s bag.

This poem was accepted as part of the anthology. I had planned on going to the reception (To include a quintet, wine, and 30 other poets!), but my calendar has been stretched too thin and I was unable to make it out there. (3 hour drive.)

While I wait for my copy of the anthology to arrive, here’s a peek at my poem and copies are available through the gallery here.

Fast Food Momma

bank those hours saved not cooking
take in fast food faster
feel it fill your gut
and your body with that extra value

save time with breakfast all the time
no decisions necessary
no meals to plan
breakfast, breakfast, breakfast

lose time as fast food
fills your body faster
takes your life a little sooner
all that extra time saved at the drive-thru
you can’t take with you

This art-inspiring-poetry theme will surface again in the New Year. I’m coordinating a workshop with an artist in my town! More on that in my next newsletter, and full details here on the blog in 2016.