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guest blogging

When I opened Write Naked to guest contributors, I never expected the number of pitches to reach the volume that it has. As a freelancer who pitches to markets and expects a timely response from editors, I don’t feel it is right that it takes me several months to respond to potential guest bloggers.

I know how it feels to wait, get a rejection, get an acceptance, etc. What is causing the delay?

  1. I respond to every single pitch I receive. Even the horrible ones that do not follow my guidelines, pitch me completely irrelevant topics like sports (No, not sports writing – just sports!), and have horrendous grammar. (Yes, I receive emails with no punctuation and all in lowercase.) I feel bad for the quality freelancers who have pitched excellent ideas who experience even greater delays because I get tied up responding to drivel.
  2. Accepted contributors miss their deadlines. More than three accepted guest bloggers this year never sent me their work. Keep in mind, I do not remind you. As with any freelance writing project, it’s up to you to track and meet your deadlines. Because three bloggers missed their spots this year, three other qualified freelancers got pushed aside as a result.
  3. Paid writing. It’s understandable that my time to respond to pitches is at the bottom of my priority list. My paid writing projects come first.

How can I resolve the delay? Reading periods!

Last week I temporarily closed guest pitches for Write Naked. Starting in 2016 the open and closed reading periods will be as follows:

January 1 – March 31: Open
April 1 – June 30: Closed
July 1 – September 30: Open
October 1 – December 31: Closed

Please update your calendars and hold on to your pitches until January 1! As always, please read the guidelines before sending a query.