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north carolina wedding

A little surprise to share: I got married! At 10AM on 10/10 my love and I had a private (secret) ceremony at our home. We did not want a formal stressful event and preferred to keep the service between the two of us–oh, and Ramsay as you will see below.

backyard wedding

My love and I were interested in eloping, but we are tired of traveling and he has no more vacation time left this year. Our 2016 travel commitments are already firming up, so we decided to simply go with the flow for an at-home elopement and then have a casual celebration with close friends next year.

Over the summer I found an officiant from Chapel Hill who offers elopement services. Since ours was not a last-minute endeavor, we worked around her availability. Aside from eating wedding cake for breakfast, our weekend was pretty normal: Time at home, with pets, each other, good food, and a visit to Krispy Kreme. We celebrated with a special dinner at Oakleaf, one of our favorite restaurants in our town of Pittsboro—they gave us champagne and all the staff personally signed a card for us!

Oh–I also won tickets to the wonderful Shakori Hills Music Festival just 10 miles from our home. So our weekend kicked off with amazing music, hippies, and lots of happy people!

backyard chickens

We did not want to exclude our chickens! Fortunately, all of the girls were excited about what was going on and they all made it in this picture! Ruby and Josephine made special appearances below!

backyard chickens


backyard chickens

dog ringbearer

Ramsay was the best ringbearer a dog could be! He loved wearing his tux and top hat and laid between our feet during the entire ceremony. #cutestdogever

wedding fashion

I love vintage items. For those of you who like the little details: My cameo is a family heirloom that belonged to my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. My ring is 1940s platinum with three old mine cut diamonds from the 1930s. I opted not to have a wedding band. Pearl bracelet was a birthday gift years ago. The dress was a random vintage-inspired find at Nordstrom. (If you want to save money–avoid any department or store with ‘bridal’ in the name!) The boots are from Abilene, Texas and I bought them about five years ago from a girl on Craigslist who had just moved from there to Cary, North Carolina. I was going to opt for a farmers’ market bouquet, but the weather forecast was not promising that morning so I grabbed the best flowers from Whole Foods the day before. 🙂

phoenix bakery cake

If you are ever in our town you need to visit Phoenix Bakery for their Boston Creme doughnuts. You might also want to order an adorable personal cake for two–which is what we shared. 😀


“Paris is always a good idea.” –Sabrina