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Occasionally other bloggers’ post themes inspire me to tackle a similar angle. Last year I documented many of the things that made me happy in an end-of-year post after seeing another blogger do the same. I recently read a ‘Lately I’ve Been’ post by food/fitness blogger Heather Pavlik. I’m tipping my virtual hat to her for today’s post inspiration, which I’ve slightly shifted into a writerly angle:

backyard chickens

Our first egg!

Cooking. Eggs! Our chickens started laying eggs this past week. Josephine was the first of the flock to pop one out. This time next month we will gather three dozen per week.

Making. Lots of Whole30-compliant meals. I came across the blogger noted above as I was searching Instagram’s #whole30 last month looking for good food ideas before I started my 30-day program. If you are not familiar with it, it is a gluten/grain-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free food program. I’ve never attempted any type of dietary adjustment like this before and curious to try it for a month. I’m on Day 5!

Reading. Journey to the Interior: American Versions of Haibun. My friend got me this book for my birthday this year and it explores Thoreau-esque themes and poetic writing styles.

Writing. Very little for myself. No new poems, no new short stories. Instead, lots of web content writing for clients.

Drinking. Lots of water! This summer is hot.

Wanting. All of our yard work to be done by someone else! Our neighbor runs a landscaping company so we will contact him for a quote soon.

Looking. For Whole30-compliant coconut milk. I’m going to Whole Foods soon and rumor has it there is a canned variety there that works!

venice gondola

Venice from last summer. Travels are nice, but so is home!

Enjoying. Being home. We traveled so much in the past year. Italy, Georgia, New York several times, Wyoming, California, the mountains to the coast of North Carolina…it is so nice not to prep for travel right now.

Querying. Not so much. I have several article angles jotted down, but very little time or incentive to actively pitch.

Waiting. For new tires to arrive. My car has been acting a bit shaky the past few weeks and my love was looking it over last night and discovered a large bubble on one of the tire treads. My car is out of commission until the new tires get here.

haw river kayak


Bookmarking. Lots of paddle day trip possibilities around North Carolina.

Liking. Almond butter. Had it for the first time last week!

writers pets

A writer’s dog.

Wondering. How I’m going to find an appropriate medicated peroxide shampoo replacement for our dog. He has chronic dust mite allergies and requires two baths per week to help control his reactions. The only shampoo that has ever been successfully at helping him is Virbac’s Pyoben. I went on Amazon to re-order a bottle as per usual…and it was ‘out of stock.’ (As of today it is no longer listed on their inventory.) EVERY website I went to was out of it as well. I tweeted about it and someone responded that Virbac has been shut down by the FDA. Gah! We immediately bought all of the bottles from the local vet, but it will only last about three months—at most. 😦

Wearing. About three outfits per day. Or as my sister likes to call it, ‘costume changes.’ Generally I have two outfits daily: Workout clothes and regular clothes, but I’ve been working in the yard a bunch and that requires yet another outfit!

Watching. “The Office” (American version) with my love who has never watched all nine seasons before.

Feeling. Happy. 😀