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guest blog opportunity

Just a short note to update visitors and subscribers who might be curious about my response time for guest contributor pitches. Don’t worry if you had not noticed a big change, this jumped on me too: Write Naked is growing. Not like doubling or tripling its user base, but way more than that. I used to get about 300 unique visits per month, and for the last six months I’m averaging close to 3,000 monthly.

With the growing traffic and followers, I am getting far more guest post pitches than I have ever received before. (Which is understandable because now this site is even more attractive to guest bloggers!) It used to take me a few weeks to respond, and now it is taking me several months. A few things to consider if you have already sent a query and have not heard back from me:

  1. I do not read the pitches when they are received. I file them away in a folder and then every few weeks (now months) I sit down for an day (YES, an entire day!) and personally respond to each and every one. You will hear from me with a yes or a no! If you are trying to time your pitch with an event or book promotion–please take a look at my highly affordable advertising rates and I’m happy to discuss options.
  2. I hope to have responded to EVERYONE by August 1, 2015 if you have sent a pitch before then. After that, it will likely be a 2-3 month lag in my responses. I keep the pitch page updated with an anticipated response time so you can always check there.
  3. The guest post calendar is full for 2015 and I am filling spots in 2016. If your pitch is timely I am happy to consider posting it earlier!

Side rant: I am disappointed and surprised that not one, not two – but three guest contributors that I accepted this year did not send in their pieces by deadline. In fact, they did not send anything in at all. Please do not take up both my time and yours for something you do not intend to follow through on!