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haw river kayak

Kayaking on the lower Haw River.

When a day is full of writing for pay and writing for play, one needs a bit of balance with non-screen time. My TBR pile of books will always be a pile. No matter how many weeds I pull from our garden beds there will be at least a dozen omnipresent stragglers shaking their leafy fists at me. Sometimes reading and domestic life feel like chores. How can one tip the scales and find some balance?

My love surprised me a few days ago with a visit to Dick’s Sporting Goods where he told me to pick out any kayak I desired. (More about why he surprised me next week.) We’ve gone on a few paddling trips (check out my article about night kayaking) over the past few years and have been talking about getting our own kayaks ever since we bought our house just over a year ago.

We’ve already gone on a few sunset paddles this week, exploring parts of the Haw River and Jordan Lake here in Chatham County, North Carolina. We didn’t even have the kayaks a full day before a writer-friend invited us to the coast for some sea kayaking–which we hope to do this summer!


Sunset paddle on our virgin voyage with the new kayaks.

kayak trip

Robeson Creek canoe/kayak launch where the Haw River meets Jordan Lake.

We have several paddling options within a short drive of our home. One of the closest launch sites is just seven miles from our house. Not only is the proximity convenient, but the state provides a launch dock customized for canoes that makes getting in and out of the river as easy as possible. This makes us want to paddle as much as possible!