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Today’s guest contributor shows a bit of what it is like in an average day running a full-time day job while taking evening classes and squeezing in writing time to grow her freelance base. Reminder: If you’d like to contribute to Write Naked, I pay guest contributors.

Day in the Life: Writer in the Works
By Aleksandra Slijepcevic

While some writers start their day before the sun comes up hoping to be inspired by ethereal creativity, I start as an Administrative Assistant and end as a tired, yet inspired, writer and yogi.

yoga article writerI am from Newark, Delaware where I work from 9-5. I am also a freelance writer whose writing schedule is never quite the same every day. Amid balancing spreadsheets and creating PowerPoint presentations, I pitch ideas and write articles for Elite Daily and Sivana Spirit. Elite Daily offers me a platform to entertain star-struck millennials such as myself, while Sivana Spirit is geared to yoga practitioners and enlightened souls who are eager to hear more about meditation and spirituality. I also write on my own blog, IDB Blog.

Aside from writing, I also practice yoga and am finishing my certification training to become a yoga teacher. I try my best to end each night with a mindful practice or meditation, and I draw many of my article ideas from these practices, both yoga-related and otherwise.

Lastly, I am working towards bridging my writing and yoga into a book. I want to show the world that following your dreams as a writer and finding new dreams as a yogi are simple leaps of faith. The writing is coming along each and every day in its own way, but I trust the process. No matter how scatter-brained I am. 🙂

7:00AM – Snooze the alarm a couple of times.

7:00-7:10AM – Check the notifications on my phone (Facebook, Instagram, email…in that order; this is probably the worst way to wake up, but it works.)

7:30AM – Shower, dress, make-up while “Married with Children” blares on the TV in the background.

7:54AM – Drive to my Administrative Assistant job. (It’s such a specific time, but I swear, it’s the same every morning.)

8:30AM – Log onto my computer at work and begin my daily battles with spreadsheets and charts to show this quarter’s project trends. I don’t drink coffee, so this part is especially difficult.

9:45AM – Check my email and social media profiles.

10:20AM – Writing break: Start writing my pitched article for Elite Daily on WordPress. Thankfully, my office managers are pro-writing, so my creative side is not quashed in the sea of technical document filing.

11:10AM – Check email on published Sivana article. Immediately share the link on all social media profiles and nervously await the number of “shares” to rise.

12:00PM – Have my cubicle lunch while re-reading Sivana article for the 12th time.

12:30 – Excel is calling my name, and so is my manager. Cut, paste, insert.

12:30-2:15PM – Laptop crashes. Spreadsheet is not saved. I scribble down the next article idea for my IDB Blog: “Why Office Jobs Suck the Life out of Creative People.”

3:00PM – Finally, some peace. Open up my blog and begin. Aah, serenity.

4:15PM – Laptop is saved. Spreadsheets are finished, and I am amazed that I am able to navigate Excel and PowerPoint without breaking out in hives.

5:30PM – Yoga class.

6:15PM – The teacher says, “Let go of the tension in your hips; if you feel emotional, that’s okay.” Hmm, new Sivana article idea. Pitch it later.

7:00PM – Sivasana. All is well.

7:10PM – Late dinner. European style. That’s OK, right? Who cares, I’m hungry.

8:00PM – Sit at my laptop and ponder the next chapter outline for my book.

book outline notes8:15PM – What I actually do is jot down the crazy ideas pouring out of my brain onto scraps of paper, which I then tuck into my leather-bound notebook. None of it makes sense. Nothing is in order. But it’s fairly creative, right? I like to think that all the great writers had this thinking process.

9:00PM – Sit down to meditate on my multi-colored cushion.

9:15PM – Am I enlightened yet?

9:20PM – Decide to go to sleep and wake up super early tomorrow morning and write. I read somewhere that beginning an early morning ritual is a transcendental way to get your brain juices moving.

10:15PM – Nope.

10:30PM – Actual bedtime.

10:31PM – I thank my lucky stars for my job, my family, and my writing. “Trust the process, Aleks, and all is coming.”

Aleksandra Slijepcevic writer

Aleksandra Slijepcevic

Always on a journey toward peace, love, and eternal balance 🙂 A little bit about me: I am a copywriter, editor, manager, and multi-tasker-in-training. I also do: copywriting, press releases, journalism, a tad bit of technical, academic, and creative writing. I strongly believe writing is a phenomenal field in which to get involved, whether for money, passion, or both. I am an avid reader, animal lover, and yoga nut. In my spare non-writing time I strive to fill each day with travel, beauty, and laughter. Check out my blog, find me on Facebook, Twitter @souhlsurfer, and Instagram @yoga_souhl.