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Quick post to introduce you to our first flock! Only one has been named so far: Pearl. Other potentials include Meatball, Turbo, and Nugget – but we’re still getting to know their personalities.

backyard chickens

Our new ladies.

We purchased these 5-day-old cuties at Pittsboro Feed. If you’re in the Triangle area of North Carolina, they are fantastic! Super helpful and happy people.

amber link chickensThese chickies are Amber Links, a hybrid that is known for super large brown eggs that usually produce double yolks. According to the feed store and the Internet, they are quickly described as “happy and fat” chickens.

These girls are super cuddly and friendly. Having grown up hatching other varieties of chickens (and quail) – I’m very surprised how chillaxed these particular chicks act.

backyard chickens

I wrote about backyard chickens a few years ago, interviewing scientists about how to alter chickens’ diets to produce healthier eggs. If you are interested in writing about backyard chickens, the markets below might be open to topics linking chickens with gardening. Use the links below to contact the magazines and request current editorial guidelines:

Organic Gardening