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Looking through past posts on Write Naked, I noticed that one particular entry remains mighty popular. What a Writer Carries in Her Bag has been viewed more than 350 times since it first posted just over three years ago.

Here’s a post strictly inspired by demand! Today we’ll take another look into what I’m carrying, which has been interesting for me because some things have remained exactly the same.

moulin rouge purse

Moulin Rouge purse, Circa 2002.

The story behind this purse: I think it is on the cusp of being vintage. I got this bag in 2002 in the middle of my freshman year at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I lived in downtown Providence less than ten blocks from the Providence Place Mall, where I could be found with friends every Friday night seeing double and triple features. It was at this mall I came across this no-label Moulin Rouge purse. The beaded/sequined style was pretty trendy at the time, but the iconic windmill caught my eye. My dorm room had a huge Moulin Rouge! poster and that Christmas a friend got me another movie poster autographed by Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, and crew.

writer accessories

Writerly paraphernalia.

Yes, I still carry my business cards in my Eiffel Tower card holder. I still use and carry Burt’s Bees lip balm. And I have a new bottle of the same roll-on aroma Muguet. I still use the same Liz Claiborne wallet–this one must be vintage now. I’ve had it since junior high. And, yes, I still carry my checkbook and post office box key. New addition: I love my deposit stamp from VistaPrint – it’s a big time-saver since I don’t have to write my deposit number on the back of every check.

Unlike the past post, I no longer carry a Moleskine. I also no longer have a dumbphone. I still feel like I was late to the game when getting my iPhone two years ago. (I have a separate holder for my phone visible in the photo above. My love calls it my ‘phone purse.’ I don’t like those clunky cases.) I used the Moleskine app for some time, but it didn’t stick. I email myself poem/story notes now. I carry pens; lately they are ones from the hotels I’ve recently stayed at.

iPad for writers

iPads come in handy at open mics, critique groups, and workshops.

Instead of paper copies of poems for open mics, I use my iPad. I email the poems to myself, and then take screenshots in case the venue doesn’t have WiFi. I also use my iPad to bring digital copies for discussion at some of my writing critique groups.

Instead of book promotion cards, I have event promotion flyers.

writing events

Somehow I get these beautiful flyers from VistaPrint for under $20.

Being that it is winter, my hands get uber dry and crack and bleed. One of the few solutions I’ve found is Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Such an old lady name! Without it I have old lady hands.

More new additions: I carry pepper spray and a knife. Whether it is to feel safer when parking in creepy public garages, or to potentially fend off stray dogs while I run, I feel better having them. I have fortunately never used either one in defense!

pure barre socks

New barre socks. 🙂

I no longer carry dark chocolate around. Ever since starting my fitness routine last spring I limit snacks. A new item in my purse? Barre socks. Especially important because I’m doing a 30-day unlimited Pure Barre package right now!