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Some time ago I did a post (that remains popular today) on where my freelance clients came from. I read a piece this week on Salon that discloses where one writer’s income is sourced. This made me take a look back on the past year.

In the previous link to the article, the writer reveals/confesses/discloses that she is ‘sponsored’ by her husband. I often wonder what it would be like to write if all your other basic needs were met and provided by someone else. Would it change the type of writing, the tone, the stories?

I decided to breakdown the past year of my income. Where did it come from? Here it is:

  1. Consults – Less than 1%
  2. Freelance Journalism – Less than 1%
  3. Poetry – Less than 1%
  4. Teaching/Workshops – 1.3%
  5. Clients – 98.5%


writing income

Other fun facts:

  • My highest paying client accounts for 36% of my annual income.
  • My entire income in 2010 was only 16% of my annual income in 2014.
  • My writing income has only gone up annually since I started freelancing in 2009.

And where did my clients come from last year? I always thought referrals were a big source, but turns out last year it was not the case:

  • 8 clients were recurring from prior years
  • 4 found me through search
  • 3 found me through LinkedIn
  • 2 were referrals
  • 1 from a workshop