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A few weeks ago the #WhyIFreelance hashtag on Twitter connected many freelancers back to the basic reasons why they have made their careers what they are. If you check it out, you’ll see many people cite flexibility. They can fit their lives—what matters to them—around their work.

Living a life of meaning may not be a priority for everyone, but each of us aligns what we value into our lives. Some focus more on personal relationships than work and vice versa.

Earlier this week our poetry group Living Poetry had its 6th Anniversary. One of our long-time members, Chris, made an impromptu speech about how important the work we do in our group is. I wish I had recorded it. He brought a tear (or three) to my eyes. He talked about how meaningful poetry is, how important it is that our group connects people to poems that move and connect them with something else.

What are you doing to make your life meaningful? What already makes your life meaningful?

living poetry raleigh

Living Poetry’s 6th Anniversary! Chris, Pam, and our founder Angelika