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How old were you when you decided to be a writer? Or, how hold were you when writing chose you? This topic surfaced in an earlier post when the L.A. Times Festival of Books surveyed authors on the age they started their writing careers. I am revisiting the topic again as I have a few relics from my childhood to share. Since it is Thursday, this is super fitting for Throwback Thursday. #TBT

author childhood

My first day of kindergarten in September 1990.

My love and I went back to our hometown on Long Island over New Year’s. While cleaning out old files and attic treasures, my parents found my kindergarten memory book, report cards, awards, diaries…and of course my “X-Files” action figures still in their original packaging!

writing memory

Focused already at age 5! I think Mother’s Day involved cupcakes, so that explains my choice.

artist memory

Now I use a palette of words.

These items have migrated from one attic to another–except one. I am in the early stages of decorating my office (Just picked out the hardwoods and paint color!) and I will frame my first writing award to crown my new space. 🙂

poetry award

Although not from kindergarten, I found my first writing award. Circa 6th grade.