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Inspired by memoirist, essayist, and fellow blogger Joyce Hager who listed 45 happy things of the year (and who was subsequently inspired by yet another blogger!), I am carrying on this torch as well.

  1. My love and his perpetual humor.
  2. Closing on our first home and moving in.
  3. Truffles from Matthew’s Chocolates in Hillsborough.
    matthews chocolates
    Matthew’s Chocolates
  4. Seeing Billy Joel in concert for the first time ever. I didn’t realize how excited I was until he came on stage and I got goosebumps and started crying. My only Long Island pride.
  5. Successfully training Ramsay with the electric fence so that he has freedom to roam.
  6. Going on the Tour D’Coop, a self-guided tour of chicken coops around the Triangle. Got lots of ideas for our forthcoming coop!
    raleigh tour d'coop
    Creative chicken coop in downtown Raleigh.
  7. Our library.
  8. Random drives in the countryside around our town.
  9. Beltie cows.
  10. Mastering a fantastic crepe recipe.
  11. Planting an orchard and pollinator garden.
  12. A surprise gift from guest contributor Anene: A calf-skin journal she made herself!
    poetry journal
    Handmade journal.
  13. High tea.
  14. Watching a couple get married on a gondola in Venice while a guitarist serenaded them. I’m tearing up now thinking about it. Reminded me of a scene from the last season of “Sex & the City” when Carrie faints because Petrovsky is too romantic.
  15. Seeing my poetry turned into art installations.
  16. Salted caramel brownies from Amelie’s French Bakery in Charlotte.
  17. Barre!
  18. box turtleSaving turtles on the side of the road.
  19. Brunches–specifically the lemon ricotta pancakes–at Small Street Cafe in our town of Pittsboro.
  20. Woodworking.
  21. Losing 15 pounds!

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