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Amanda Barbara

I met Amanda Barbara earlier this year when I was at the American Society of Journalists & Authors’ conference in New York. I had just read about her in Hope Clark’s newsletter that morning (they had both spoken on a publishing panel at a writer conference in South Carolina a day or two before), and as I walked through the exhibitor booths I came across her table for Pubslush.

If you have not heard of Pubslush, think of it as a Kickstarter-styled platform tailored specifically to writers. Need money to publish your book? Create a campaign on Pubslush and crowdfund your publication.

Amanda is CEO of Pubslush. I am happy she took some time to answer a few questions about her experiences at Pubslush. I was curious – with so many authors asking the public to fund their book projects–what makes certain projects more successful than others? So I asked her and you can learn the answers in the interview below!

Side note: Pubslush is currently running 25 Days of Giving Giveaway, where they give away a book every day from December 1st to the 25th. Also, in the spirit of giving, they’re offering a Pubslush Prep Holiday Promotion, $50 off Prep packages Silver and above, using the promo code GIFT.

200 Words With Amanda Barbara of Pubslush


Crowdfunding for authors.

Write Naked: How has your personal background in writing shaped your approach and work with Pubslush?

Amanda Barbara: I was a creative writing major in college and also was the editor-in-chief of my high school paper. These experiences have shaped me to have an eye for writing. Although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself writer, I do have a passion for helping those who wish to be published. As a first-time author, the process can be a bit overwhelming and it is my team’s job to make it a bit simpler.

WN: What have the most successful users of Pubslush done that less successful users have not?

AB: Successful Authors have gotten 5 to 10 supporters who they know will 100% support their book to pledge support the day their campaign goes live. It’s important to have this initial support in place before blasting out a campaign in a newsletter or on social media. No one wants to be a part of a campaign that is at zero, which is why having a soft roll out and get that initial funding is one of the keys to success.

Also, authors who have not underestimated the power of their local community have been more successful. As an author, you can’t rely on social media and the Internet to spread your message. The most personal outreach is sometimes more effective.

WN: What changes in publishing do you think writers should expect in 2015?

AB: So many people are self-publishing, but still losing control of their content, which I anticipate to change in the upcoming year. I believe we will see authors become less willing to give their content away for free and more authors who want to not only get more readers, but make more from sales.

WN: What is your favorite word?

AB: My favorite word at the moment is “literally.” I find it can be used in most any situation and it stresses that there is no exaggerating on my statement.

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