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writers house

Our home is ours because of one letter.

Exactly one year ago today my love and I first walked into the house that would become our home. We submitted an offer the same day. However, we were not the only buyers who made an offer.

It was exactly what we were looking for: Land, privacy, space for my love’s automotive and welding projects, and a full heated basement. (If you live in the South you know how challenging it is to find a home with a full basement – let alone a partially finished one!) The other properties around the Triangle we had seen were on decently sized lots, situated in (typical) suburbia, with no dedicated workshop space. This particular home in Pittsboro is on more than five acres on a quiet dead-end street, plus two out-buildings for my love’s car and motorcycle projects. We wanted to move fast so that we wouldn’t lose it, but didn’t realize how fast.

letter writing

Our offer on the home included a letter…

The house had only been on the market for three days and another couple submitted an offer the same day as us. The sellers did not want a bidding war and we were instructed to submit our highest and best offer. This was our only opportunity and we wanted to do everything possible to make the home ours! So we decided to make an offer and present it with a letter expressing our love for the house. (My mom suggested we write a letter as she saw buyers try it on a house hunting television show.)

We later learned that the offers were virtually identical, but our letter connected with the sellers. It “brought tears to their eyes” and fortunately sealed the deal for us.

Writers, you may not realize the power of your words or when significant life changes will rely on your writing abilities. Use your words whenever possible!

I am including the letter below in honor of the day we were introduced to our home. Enjoy!

We wanted to express our deep interest in your home and property in writing. Although this letter is inadequate in relaying our affection of the property, we thought the home and its caring owners deserve to be acknowledged.

When we saw the house, we fell in love with it in a matter of minutes. We love the craftsmanship and care throughout the home. All the small details of the house made us want to settle down and spend our future there. We can appreciate the effort and pride invested in the home and hope we can continue to maintain its charm. We loved the serene setting immediately, but fell more in love when we were greeted by a hawk on the back deck.

As a writer who makes her living entirely by the pen, the peaceful property is a dream space for work. Mike, an engineer, enjoys automotive restoration and rebuilding projects; and the garage and carport are the perfect foundation for his welding and metal work. Our dog is almost seven years old and has never lived in a home with a property he can run on, and we know he would enjoy the home the same. We can see our future in this home for many years to come.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration; we look forward to hearing from you.