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duke olli

This fall I teach Book Marketing: Online and Offline, a 10-week course at Duke University’s Continuing Education OLLI program. Class starts September 16th.

Earlier this week I had orientation for new instructors. I was happy to learn parking is easy and free, the AV training was successful and my laptop connected perfectly, and the other instructors are fantastic. Super smart people. One day down the road I’d love to take one of the courses myself.

olli at duke

Even if you are not a writer in the Durham, North Carolina area – or you are and can’t attend the daytime class – I will be posting highlights throughout the semester. Here’s the super abbreviated weekly breakdown:

  1. Creativity, Genres, Process
  2. A Writer’s Many Roles
  3. Traditional v. Self Publishing and eBooks
  4. Not Just Books: Writer Platform
  5. Book Marketing Online: The Writer’s Website
  6. Book Marketing Online: Social Media and Apps
  7. Book Marketing Offline: Events
  8. Book Marketing for Poets, Novelists, Memoirists
  9. Writing Goals
  10. Query Letters

‘Back to school’ in the fall hasn’t meant much to me in 10 years. Now I need to pick out my first day outfit. Hey, the class isn’t called Teach Naked!