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poor centurylink service

See the green DSL and Internet lights? No, they only work on weekends.

Has your Internet ever gone out? Yes, of course, at one time or another. Does your Internet go out between 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday? That is what I have been battling with my service with CenturyLink for the past four weeks. I don’t want to go into the fine details of my experience with the poor unreliable service since I have been trying to look on the bright side:

  1. I get out of the house and visit some really interesting places that have Wi-Fi.
  2. Start to value elements in my life differently. I admit I took Internet for granted. Now I sure don’t.
  3. The outage prompted me to create a much more efficient work schedule. What normally took me 6 hours to do at home I do in 2 hours at the library!

With those shiny silvery linings come the cons:

  1. I love working at home and an unreliable service is preventing me from doing so. What if I was disabled, had an infant, had a salaried job completed remotely that an employer relied on? Yes, I am healthy and able to drive into town for Internet. No, I don’t need child care in order to do this. No, I don’t have an employer relying on me—I have 9 clients who depend on me.
  2. I have spent 7 total hours on the phone with customer service representatives, service techs, and rearranged my schedule more than once to be home for techs that sometimes do not show up at all.
  3. Business interruption. I waste drive time to locations with Wi-Fi, pay for gas to get there, and then pay for coffee, lunch and other items so that I am not a freeloader.

Well, I suppose the title of this post is slightly misleading. Yes, I have no Internet at home, so I have had to leave home to find Wi-Fi and write. I am still writing content for the web, just not from my home. I have experienced quite the array of coffee shops, book stores, and libraries around the greater Raleigh area the past four weeks. Here are three spots that I wanted to showcase:

Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill
This open-air spot is super unique. Beautiful farm fields, a decent outdoor stage and picnic area, plus a little pond. Not many food choices so I was stuck with a vegan handpie. (When I told my love about it later, he pointed out it’s an oxymoron!)

honeysuckle tea house

The Honeysuckle Tea House

honeysuckle tea

Their signature tea was sold out, so I opted for the barista’s suggestion and the last scone! Beware: Most of their edible sweet treats were sold out by the time I got there: 1PM.












honeysuckle tea house open mic

Outdoor stage backdropped by their picturesque farm field.









Johnny’s Gone Fishing in Carrboro
No pics of this one – click the link above to see photos on their site. This place is super cozy with lots of seating options. Planning an open mic here in October for Living Poetry!

Chatham Library
This one is my favorite. It is so close to home, quiet, and when I am lucky I get my own ‘office’: A private study room all to myself.

chatham library study room

Study Room = Office. There is a 2-hour limit per room, so I migrate around the library.

chatham library bike

‘BOOKS’ bike rack at the library.








I hope the Internet gods resolve my connection woes soon. For now, I’m all over this beautiful North Carolina Triangle. ::silver lining::