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freelance travelLater this summer I will take a 10-day non-working vacation. It will be my first non-working vacation as a freelancer. Yikes!

I tried thinking back to my last ‘real’ vacation – but I truly can’t remember when or where it was. It was definitely more than 7 years ago because it was before I moved to North Carolina.

I was freelancing when I:

I briefly considered taking an unpaid vacation, but decided against it for a few reasons. One, it is not fair to clients who are expecting work to be complete. Two, there is no emergency and it is possible for me to organize assignments in advance – so why not? Plus, my personal goal is to earn more than my boyfriend this year–and I am very close!

As this is my first time prepping for a vacation while freelancing (my week volunteering with the American Hiking Society was unpaid), I’m sure there will be a learning curve. For now, here are a few things that I am doing (and will do) to ensure deadlines are met and I experience a true getaway:

  1. Client calls. I made a few calls this month and have a few scheduled next month to forecast content topics, discuss projects, and nail down deadlines for drafts. I am typically one who does not share travel details with clients–or relocation details–and I simply continue delivering drafts and writing while I travel. Since this is a different kind of vacation I’ve lifted my personal rule.
  2. Assistant. If you don’t have an assistant year-round, consider connecting with another writer or freelancer who can help you on a temp schedule. I am organizing work for her to help me with before I leave and items she can manage while I’m away.
  3. Laptop. It’s half scary and half exhilarating: I will leave my laptop at home! I want to be fully present on our vacation. If I want to do creative writing I am going to do it old school-style, with a Moleskine!

As for where and when we are going? Sorry! That is not announced on the blog or social media. My only hint is that we will be using our passports. You will read it here once we are back home. 🙂