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guest bloggingIf you subscribe to my newsletter for writers you would have learned months ago I planned to increase guest contributor compensation starting June 1, 2014. The information I share in the newsletter appears there first before social media and blog followers learn about it! (Also, you don’t need to filter emails if you’re inundated with too many newsletters–mine only comes once per month!)

Earlier this year I raised my freelance rates and I want to pay it forward by raising how much I pay other writers. Originally I paid guest bloggers $25 per post. I have doubled the rate. However, if someone particularly impresses me with a fantastic guest post sometime before year’s end, I will pay them $200 instead of the standard $50 rate.

Now that I am paying $50 per post – read the new guest contributor guidelines and understand that I am now:

  • Much more selective. I am looking for engaging contributions. Impress me!
  • Providing a template. If I accept your pitch you will receive a .docx template for your post to make your life easier for submissions and my life easier when transposing to WordPress.
  • Length. It has been consistently challenging for contributors to economically write within the word limit, so I have expanded the word limit. Posts may now run up to 650 words.

What has not changed?

  • POP. I am still paying on publication. This means I may accept your pitch in June, but not schedule it to publish until September. We’ll discuss and mutually agree upon a timeline so that you know when payment is on its way.
  • Payment system. I still pay with personal check or via PayPal.
  • No duplication. If you check out the new guidelines you can learn more about duplicate content penalties. In the past other websites used guest posting as part of spammy link-building activities. I’ve never operated Write Naked this way and will continue to only post original quality content.
  • Compliance. Guest contributors who do not stick to the guidelines will not be posted or compensated. If a post is no more than 650 words–don’t send 900 words and ask me to edit it down. That’s why you are getting paid!
  • Deadlines. If you miss a deadline, I can’t promise I will have time to review the post before the publish date, which means publishing will likely be delayed–thus delaying your payment.