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evergreen contentIt just so happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to wearing green, think evergreen. For your next article, blog post, or page of web content, brainstorm topics that will always be of interest to your readers.

Tax deductions for freelancers? Ways to back up your writing? Both of these posts will always interest writers. One of those posts was the very first entry here on Write Naked. I chose an evergreen topic so that I could reference back to it in future posts. (Huzzah!)

Evergreen articles also make great re-print pieces. An article I published in Dog Living about brushing your dog’s teeth was purchased and re-printed by FIDO FriendlyIf you are querying new publications, review their editorial calendars and forecast the evergreen topics editors may be interested in for future issues.

When it comes to web content, keep an eye on what posts or pages are popular each month. Your evergreen pieces are always working for you. Brainstorm more evergreen topics, write them, and schedule them to post throughout the year on your blog.

I’ve crafted a few examples below. Think about who you write for and what you write:

Writing for an agricultural market? Write articles that answer:

  • What materials stand the test of time when building a chicken coop?
  • How to save seeds.

Writing about family and relationships? Write articles that answer:

  • How to introduce a new partner to kids during separation or after divorce.
  • Pet custody laws in divorce.

Writing about writing? Write articles that answer:

  • How to write your first query letter.
  • Best ways to track submissions to literary journals and magazines.

Still need a way to break into a new market? Tap your network and pitch an interview. Did a law change recently in your area? Pitch an article that shows the real lives the law has changed; interview individuals affected by the law, lawmakers, and attorneys. Are writers being scammed by fake publishers? Pitch an article that educates writers how to spot scams and quote authors for their experiences.

Even if you write primarily on trends and current events, evergreen pieces are great to have as filler in between time-sensitive articles. Plant them now and they’re always there.