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publishing newsWhile it’s great that eBook sales are going up, up, up – this means us writers have more competition, and readers are overwhelmed with options galore and choice paralysis. Here are some changes happening in publishing, ways to track your book on social media, and some other fun news for writers that you may have missed over the past few weeks:

eBook sales grew at an astonishing clip from 2008-2012, rising from $64 million to $3 billion.

The North Carolina Literary Festival released a video promoting their April conference featuring Daniel Wallace, R. L. Stine and dozens of other authors. Free!

This is a great example of author platform growth & positioning yourself in a specific field. Writing online about comics helped this person write a book about comics.

How can ‎writers track who mentions their ‪‎books‬ online on multiple social channels? Social media tracking tools for writers.

This I thought was simply adorable: Nail art inspired by children’s books. Pretty to look at and you can probably make a twist on this for your own book, regardless of its genre. “I AM A POET!” – a letter will fit on every finger! 🙂