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Writers wear many hats. We’re marketers, publishers, editors, website administrators, bookkeepers, and in some cases—our own designers.

As often as I am asked what a typical day in the life of a writer is like, I am asked what I really do. Is there some man behind the curtain? Is freelancing a moonlighting thing for me? Am I student? Do I have a spouse that pays the bills? No, no, no, and no.

One of the members of Triangle Writers who attended my Author Marketing class in Raleigh this week said:

I know you do all this, but what do you really do?

This makes me nervous and confused. This was a paid class. If I questioned an instructor’s integrity and qualifications, I wouldn’t pay money and spend my time to hear what they had to say. The question made me look over my writer website—although I had just done quarterly revisions, optimized pages, and added several pages of new content—yet I still feel I’m missing something. Perhaps I’m too close to the subject—as many of my clients feel with their respective websites when they look to me to develop their sites.

When you search for “SEO writer in Raleigh” – who is #1 in the organic search results? This past year it’s been me. Today it’s me. Search for “freelance writer in Raleigh,” “writing groups in Raleigh” and just about anything related to writing here in the Triangle and I will come up on the first page of search engine results.

Raleigh SEO

And mobile search results are the same:

mobile seo

So what is it that I really do?