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blogging trendsStaying on top of publishing trends, new markets to write for, writing contests, web search algorithm changes, and everything else that affects a writer’s life requires daily research. It can be confusing. To cut back on time spent researching, I subscribe to several newsletters and share them below.

We all know that our media choices affect how we reach different demographics. (Hey, I’m still not on Pinterest!) I’ve discovered many great bloggers since I’ve joined Twitter—ones who I missed on other platforms. I meet fantastic writers around North Carolina and at other events I attend, but sometimes they are “off the grid” when it comes to social media and rely exclusively on email for their digital connections. So for the past year I have been toying with the idea of starting a newsletter for freelance writers. It begins next month.

If you think you already get all the scoop since you subscribe to Write Naked, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and are in my Google+ circles, you are mistaken. This newsletter will share an overview of everything extra I don’t have time to include on other platforms.

  • How often will the newsletter be sent? Once per month.
  • Annual or monthly cost? Free.
  • Will you like the topics? Publishing trends, SEO changes, upcoming writing events.

sign upYou can subscribe to the newsletter here. If you subscribe before year’s end you will receive the inaugural edition in January, otherwise your first one will arrive in February.



As for the newsletters I subscribe to, check out:

  1. The ASJA Weekly
  2. Funds for Writers
  3. Search Engine Watch
  4. Wooden Horse Publishing (2017 update: The service went under so I removed the broken link.)
  5. Writers Weekly

And, of course, please subscribe to my new newsletter too! 🙂