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writing reflectionsAs a writer, this year brought a lot of hard work, fun, and unexpected happy experiences in many places. Reflecting back, I learned that the people you met years ago can re-surface and bring opportunities into your life that you could have never planned for. The wonderful Campbell sisters at the Farm at Weathers Creek who hosted a writing workshop I attended as a student in 2009 contacted me to host the first-ever Write Naked Workshop on their farm. One of Triangle Writers‘ members who used to be in my critique group years ago designed a logo for one of my clients earlier this year, and now I’m hiring him to design my next book cover!


Yup, this guy.

On a personal level, a guy whose locker was two doors down from mine when we were 14 resurfaced last year. We went to the same college a decade ago, yet our lives took different directions. (As can be expected of engineers and writers.) He resigned from his job in New York a few months ago and moved here to North Carolina where we are currently under contract on a house! I’ll say it again: People you met years ago can re-surface and bring opportunities into your life that you could have never planned for!

January – I joined Twitter! Follow me @writenaked.

February – I joined the American Society of Journalists & Authors. Attend their annual conference in April and I will see you there. Follow #ASJA2014 on Twitter for more scoop.

March – One of my poems was chosen to be displayed around Winston-Salem’s Arts District through the Poetry in Plain Sight program.

April – Attended my first ASJA conference in New York. Read my breakdown of the writer conference here.

May – Celebrated my 3-Year Anniversary of giving notice to the 9-to-5 by sharing my resignation letter.

June – Broke a lot of first-time-evers with a writing workshop at the Farm at Weathers Creek. This was the first workshop inspired by my Write Naked blog, it was the first 2-day overnight workshop I taught, and the first time I instructed while sitting in a rocking chair on a porch!

July – Got approved by ASJA to come to their headquarters in Times Square and present a live webcast on blogging and SEO.

August – Summer is a slow season? Not for this freelancer. I had one of my busiest weeks ever meeting with a screenwriter, conducting interviews for a client’s testimonials webpage, juggling appointments and my vomiting dog, all of which caused me to miss a press conference AND the 2-year anniversary of Write Naked!

September – Started Spanish lessons to re-fresh my language skills so that I can offer Spanish SEO to clients in the New Year.

October – Found myself falling back into the 9-to-5 when my boyfriend and I moved in together.

November – Showed a client how important SEO content is for their website after they cut their budget. Watch web traffic drop.

December – Chose a fantastic designer to create the cover of my next book. Yes, that’s right. I plan to publish it later next year. Title, jacket copy, and all the scoop will be shared soon!

Remember what I learned last year as a writer?