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This chart shows the number of consultation requests my client receives through their website. These do not include direct emails, phone calls, etc. These are the client’s prospects completing forms on the website after reading articles, blog posts, and FAQs (that are ghostwritten by me).

I have been writing content for this client for 2.5 years. For the first time since we started working together, the client needed to budget. They called me at the end of October and dropped their budget 70%. This means I went from writing 5-8 pages, and patching and optimizing 10-20 pages per week, to writing about 2 pages and patching 4 pages per week. Notice anything on the chart?

SEO content budget

BIG drop. Don’t even get me started on the traffic changes. Do I need to say fresh and frequent optimized content is important?

I heard a great analogy when attending an SEO event earlier this year:

Optimizing and writing content for your website is like taking care of your lawn. Do you just mow it once?