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writing time

Freelancer’s schedule.

Little windows into a typical (this word is being stretched far from its definition because every day is different) day-in-the-life of a freelance writer have been explored several times on Write Naked. Writing assignments have usually been scheduled around caring for my chronically sick dog, open mics, meetings with clients, poetry on demand, and travel for events like North Carolina writing workshops or a New York blogging seminar. I had no days ‘off’ unless I scheduled one far in advance and made certain my laptop was powered down. Being a freelancer, as long as you meet deadlines, you can work whenever you like. I love not being confined to the soul-crushing 9-to-5. Freelancing freedom!

dog in washington dc

Mr. Ramz Goes to Washington!

However, last summer my long days started to shift into a slight structure. I started a long distance relationship that demanded my weekend time. My boyfriend lived on Long Island, New York and he flew to Raleigh just about every weekend–and I flew or took a train to New York or met him in Washington, DC to balance the travels–until he recently got a job here and moved in. It was too challenging on weekends to concentrate on writing blogs for clients about creditor protection for retirement accounts, smart gun technology, or evidence spoliation in medical malpractice cases when I wanted to enjoy the short time available to spend with the love of my life. So I fell into the Monday-to-Friday work routine I had left behind in 2010.

Since he’s moved in and we have cozied into our new life together, I noticed my writing projects still appear in my calendar on the Monday-to-Friday schedule–yet now they have fallen into a very clear work day:


I work while he’s at work.

I still manage my dog’s immunotherapy and thrice-weekly baths to help control his allergies as they worsen with his age. I still have open mics on my calendar. I still have writing workshops–one in Asheville next week!–but otherwise, my days are relatively defined until 5PM. And it’s not soul-crushing at all.