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New apartment.

Lots of exciting things have happened over the past few weeks. I’ve been planning for my first writing presentation in Times Square (you can attend from anywhere this Thursday, for free, by viewing the live webcast here), poetry on demand was a success, my boyfriend got a job here in the Triangle (he had been living on Long Island), we have moved into a big new apartment, and we are looking for a house.

Right now I am living and working without a writing desk as I am on the hunt for a new one. I am leaning toward getting a stand-up writing desk, but they only seem to be available (and expensive) online. My boyfriend suggested I try out writing standing up by using the kitchen counter, but I think this is just a ploy to keep me in the kitchen. 😉

Yet, here I am. Writing this standing. Barefoot. In the kitchen.

moving boxes

My stuff.

Royal typewriter

This Royal typewriter weighs more than…



moving motorcycles

…his stuff!




uhaul moving

More of his stuff.



My office until the real office is complete!