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Spanish SEORemember I said I had a personal challenge I was going to reveal this year? Well, starting in 2014 I will start offering Spanish search engine optimization (SEO) content! I studied Spanish for four years in high school. After a 10-year break I now have a Spanish tutor. 🙂

Several of my clients have interpreters on staff or offer bilingual services. Since more and more freelancers are coming on the market I figured a great way to make myself more valuable to my clients and future prospects is to offer Spanish SEO.

(Side note: If you’re curious about SEO in general, I will be teaching a blogging seminar for the American Society of Journalists and Authors in Times Square one month from today. If you are not in New York, no worries. You can attend anywhere – for free – on a live webcast.)

I’ve made a list of three tips for Spanish SEO if you are interested in tapping into the market too:

  1. Want to be a freelance translator? Search for networks like ProZ. This way when organizations look for your service they will find you right away and you can spend less time looking for new business.
  2. Use your own site for beta testing. For “practice content” – treat your own writer website like a client’s and translate pages, research Spanish keywords, and track analytics on those pages to see how users’ experiences differ.
  3. It’s always about your audience. Are you writing Spanish content for a domestic business with international clientele? Or are you providing local SEO services for an untapped market? This will drive topic generation so that you can provide relevant information for your target audience. Then they will have a higher chance of finding you.

Next up, Spanish poetry.