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Do you get those feelings when you’re traveling and you are some place special and you are just thrilled to be there? Do you ever feel the same way about your job?

working from homeI often find myself in I-Love-My-Job Moments. I’ll be interviewing a Midwestern farmer over the phone and someone in the background is chasing after a pig. I’ll be laying in bed blogging away on a new industry topic for a client, fascinated by something new to learn and loving that I’m cozy in bed with my dog and getting paid to do what I love.

farm at weathers creek workshop

My love grilling it up at my overnight writing workshop.

The love of my life gets to travel with me to poetry readings, writers conferences, and workshops. I’ll finish teaching a writing workshop and someone will come up afterwards and tell me how the information I gave them helped them start their own freelance writing career. Out of the blue I’ll receive an email thanking me for a poem I wrote on demand at a festival some time ago.

Speaking of poetry on demand: This week is one of my favorite events EVER. SPARKcon. I’m part of the group that helps plan poetrySPARK and we will be on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh this Saturday from 12PM-4PM writing poems on demand. Bring $1 and 1 word and get a poem in 3 minutes. If you prefer to write with us, you’ll love your job too and you will get one of my Nutella brownies.

poetrySPARK 2012

Poetry on Demand in Raleigh