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digital assetsMy inaugural post on Write Naked two years ago was “Ways to Back Up Your Writing.” I’ve mentioned in other posts that I keep a safe deposit box key with me for rotating hard drives with my writing each quarter. I also use Google Docs for some projects, email files to myself, and a few flash drives.

One of the members in Triangle Writers told me she doesn’t trust leaving her work backed up in a local safe deposit box. She brought up a good point about natural disasters. With tornadoes affecting the Midwest, hurricanes hitting the East Coast, sinkholes in Florida, flooding on Wall Street, and wildfires and mudslides out West – it’s completely feasible that any bank’s mighty vault could be obliterated. Instead, every few weeks she mails a flash drive with her backed up work to her sister who lives over 300 miles away. At the same time, her sister mails back the former flash drive and they continue rotating the devices.

Do you have a plan for your work should you become incapacitated or die? I’m working on an article right now about digital asset management for writers and authors. New legislation is passing around the country that addresses this unique area. Who do you want accessing your email accounts? How will your blog be managed after you’re gone? Do you have online revenue sources and want to designate beneficiaries? Who do you want to appoint to make decisions about your digital assets when you are no longer able to?

According to Gen-Ark(TM), a digital asset preservation provider, the average person’s third-party personal data, career information, and creative projects have an annual value of over $30,000. Think about writers. We have more digital content than the average person.

In 2013 Google launched a digital asset management tool. Also this year, North Carolina (where I live and work) approved legislation affecting digital assets. Now powers of attorney in North Carolina apply to digital assets for residents (writers and non-writers alike) to use for management of their online accounts.

Is this something that you have thought about and planned for already?