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As a writer, and as a non-writer, this has been one of the busiest weeks of the year, if not ever. Well, if it’s so busy, how do I have time to chronicle it here? I didn’t until now! Was it just me, or was every writer busier than usual this week? Now that the week is over and it is a gorgeous, cloud-free, 80-something-degree evening in the South, I am spending it on my couch snuggled with my dog and forcing myself not to write.

I don’t have a headache, I have a brainache.

From interviewing an author marketing expert, to tracking down a featured reader for poetrySPARK, meeting with a local screenwriter who wants to start a writing center in Cary, to getting a new client—I thought this was one of the most spectacularly diverse weeks to add to my Day in the Life of a Writer series. Instead of me writing “wrote 3 blogs” or “wrote 6 blogs” on each day, just know that that is what happens in addition to everything else in my week:

haw river kayak

Kayaking in Saxapahaw.

Saturday – My boyfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary by kayaking down the Haw River in Saxapahaw, then had what turned out to be the best meal of my life at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Completed interview with an author marketing expert for my last post.

Sunday – We met up with my poet friend Angelika to see Wolverine. Angelika tells me one of our readers-of-choice won’t be available for poetrySPARK, but he recommended a new faculty member at UNC who has yet to move to the area. There is no email for her, but Angelika found her Twitter handle and asks me to connect. Drafted a proposal for a potential client who needs blogs and SEO content.

Monday – I send a tweet to our potential poet. In between blog writing I got results from my dog’s latest medical tests and he is now on medication that I must administer with gloves because it may cause bone marrow suppression in humans! (Back in the day, it was the same drug used as the first treatment for typhoid.) Gave my dog a medicated bath, which he has to get twice each week. Sent a press release out for the client I have had the longest. Passed along my proposal to the new client and wait and see. No time to food shop.

Tuesday – Went to my favorite Cary coffee shop to meet with a new member of Triangle Writers who is interested in opening up a writer center in Cary, which would be fantastic! She’s a screenwriter and I’m hoping to coordinate and include her in a panel of writers in Raleigh this fall. Got an email from an editor of a magazine I wrote for a few years ago asking if I’m open for assignments. Still no time to food shop. No time for laundry, so for the first time I drop it off at a laundromat and have someone else do it!


Carolina tobacco fields.

Wednesday – Still no word from our potential reader for poetrySPARK, so I send another tweet. Drove outside the Triangle past dozens of tobacco fields to Fuquay-Varina to meet with a videographer and interview the clients of my client for a video web series with complementing blogs. Met a member of Living Poetry at my favorite Raleigh coffee shop to pick up donations for an Army friend of mine who is currently deployed. (I sent a request to Living Poetry asking for poems to include in his care package.) Cupboards are really bare – still no time to food shop.

Thursday – Posted the interview with the author marketing expert. Gave my dog his second medicated bath. New client approved proposal! Will begin in a few weeks. Revising the final pages of content for another client who is transferring one of his domains. Supposed to go to a book art talk at a gallery in downtown Raleigh with my poet friend, but he’s not able to make it. I still planned to go, but when I got home my dog threw up. Called vet and they instructed to space out his medication. (I didn’t explain earlier – he’s now taking 11 pills each day!) I cleaned the mess, vacuumed, picked up laundry, and since I had no energy to food shop, picked up take-out. As soon as I get home, my dog threw up again. Dinner was still delicious cold.

Friday – Mega blogging day. Intended to go to the SPARKcon press conference, but didn’t want to leave the sick pup alone. Got a response from our tweets into the Twitterverse and finally have an email from our enthusiastic poet. Realized that yesterday was my 2-year blogaversary and I missed it!! Had a conference call with an Internet marketing network that had some (relatively) new scoop on search algorithm changes. They also shared a new lawsuit against an SEO company that promised big results. I am planning a future post on this! Makes it even more important for businesses to focus on fresh, optimized, targeted content with individuals (and businesses) who know their industry. Finally had time to food shop!

Now, I have absolutely nothing planned for Saturday and Sunday. I have huge amounts of work to chip away at, but I hope to do it poolside.